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Whether you are just beginning your wedding planning journey or are well on your way to finalising each detail, you might feel like you’re on what feels like a never-ending quest to create that truly unique and perfectly themed wedding. How to inject personality and continuity throughout a wedding is one of the questions I am always asked, and it’s actually a question that you will already know the answer to, you just haven’t been able to see it yet. Whether you were at a recent wedding, looking through the latest bridal magazine or have just spent hours pinning on Pinterest, you would have seen some truly beautiful and inspirational wedding details by now, however, maybe you’re still struggling to find that special something that’s right for you. This is perfectly natural so don’t worry and in fact the answer to making your wedding unique is to spend more time looking closer to home, at your own personal love story, and using those moments and memories to help make your wedding day reflect your story, not by using someone else’s. So, from your initial save the date cards and invitations to your wedding day table plans, we will take a look at the many details and stationery ideas that will help you to create that very personal and unique wedding day.



A save the date card, to many people, will be the very first announcement that you have set an official date to get married. It is always so lovely to receive a save the date card completely unexpected so make it an exciting and memorable first impression, encouraging them to immediately want to rush to their diary to reserve the date. These should ideally be sent out to everyone on your guest list as soon as your wedding venue has been secured, giving your guests as much time as possible to arrange their availability. Keep the information clear and to the point, and add an exciting about your wedding such as a map of the country everyone will be traveling to, if it’s a destination wedding. This is just a teaser after all, as your official wedding invitation will follow shortly. Here are some important things to include on your save the date cards.

  • Name of the Bride and Groom
  • Date of the wedding
  • An idea of the wedding location
  • State that a formal wedding invitation will follow



A wedding invitation is the first real impression your guests are going to receive about your event, and many will see this as a teaser of the day to come, so try and make them unique, personal and memorable. Colour is a great way to infuse personality into your invitations, and a great way for you to also give that little hint to your guests about your wedding theme. However, remember that your invitations are not only a way for you to show off your style and flare with the beautiful design, quality paper and printing, but it is also key in providing important location information, especially if you are planning that destination wedding. Beyond the location of your wedding, the invitation will also need to include many other important aspects so that your guests are fully aware of what is expected and they can start making any relevant plans. Your invitations should ideally be sent out to your guests no later than 6 months ahead of your wedding date to ensure everyone has plenty of time to arrange work leave and travel and accommodation arrangements. Here are some important things to remember when creating your invitations.

  • Full names of the Bride and Groom and persons hosting the event
  • Date of the wedding
  • Time of the wedding ceremony
  • Address/Location of the wedding ceremony venue
  • Time of the wedding reception
  • Address/Location of the wedding reception venue
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Dress code
  • RSVP address
  • RSVP deadline date
  • RSVP return card
  • Food Intolerance request
  • Travel information and a map
  • Link to a wedding website
  • Wedding programme



The structure of a wedding invite has generally stayed the same for decades, but one of the latest advantages to come along since the internet is the ability to build a personalised wedding website or wedsite as I like to call them. Wedsites are a great way of displaying all the information that you can’t generally fit on your wedding invitation. These wedsites are also fully interactive so you can add new information at any time and some even offer the opportunity to have a chat or message board facility so that your guests can ask questions and you can reply to them. There are many inexpensive online wedding website companies available, all have many pre designed and easy to use templates to choose from and all that take only a couple of hours to set up and send out. Easy, and your guests will love the visual interaction. Get to work designing and/or completing your wedding wedsite as soon as you have secured the essential elements of your wedding, such as your wedding date and venue. Here are some ideas that you can add to a wedding website that you wouldn’t necessarily include on your invitations.

  • Information about yourself
  • Introduction to your wedding party members
  • Travel information and links to train and ferry services
  • A map showing the area of your wedding
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Hair dressers and Make up salons in the local area for your guests
  • Restaurants, bars and local night life
  • Top tips for the surrounding area
  • An automatic RSVP button



So, you have sent your beautifully designed save the date cards and invitations, received your RSVP’s and now have a clear understanding of whom will be attending your wedding day. Now it’s time to start considering those extra wedding day finishing touches, such as table place names and numbers, table seating plans, escort table cards and wedding reception menus etc. It is such a lovely idea for your guests to see your colour theme and style continue throughout your wedding stationery, and I can assure you that this won’t go unnoticed. We understand the difficulty you would have bringing any of these larger items with you, and have taken this into consideration by collaborating not only with the very best florist here on Lake Como, but with one that also specialises in creating and providing all of those remaining stationary items so you don’t have to. Our florist will work closely with you to ensure that these remaining finishing touches not only tie in with your current flower and decoration visions, but also with any previously provided stationary to ensure everything works beautifully together.

Here are some stationery ideas that you can ask your stationer to design and create for your wedding day.

  • Table names and/or numbers
  • Table place names for your guests
  • Table Favour tags
  • Welcome bag labels
  • Framed table seating plan (cards or a poster to be inserted into a frame and displayed on an easel)
  • Escort table cards
  • Menus
  • Thank you cards
  • Activity signs (wedding cards & gifts, photo booth, guest book, dancing shoes basket, his & hers cocktail etc)




There are many specialists available to help you design and create your perfect wedding day stationery. Just like any other wedding vendor, I would highly recommend finding a stationer that you initially like and then completely trust. The more you tell your stationer about your event and your personalities, the more they will be able to make the details unique to you. Make sure your stationery reflect your personality and never be afraid to ask questions. Any design process can naturally feel a little scary but just make sure you stay true to your style, wants and needs and you will soon end up with beautifully unique stationery that you love and are so excited for your guests to see.

Please see the list below of some of mine and my past wedding couples favourites



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